Our Vision is to become the largest body of enlightenment and empowerment to Nigerian youths.

Without any doubt, the organization is a value based organization that sets out to open doors of opportunities for youths that have what it takes to maximize such opportunities.

Our programs are in phases and categories, however, apart from the numerous benefits the organization sets to offer the youths in terms of enlightenment and engagement, we are also looking at some specific benefits to members that have been properly groomed. This   

  • Provision of study assistance to the members of the organization that have shown strong indication for learning and most especially have met the specific criteria of the organization
  • Bringing up to date information on scholarships and study/research grants, and most importantly providing recommendations for such opportunities
  • Provision of work and vocational training assistance in Germany and the rest of Europe
  • Providing internship opportunities for youths in big companies within Africa and beyond
  • Seeking financial sponsorship for members with creative and marketable ideas and concepts

Our Mission

To be an encompassing body for over one million African youths, empower them with vocational, as well as technical skills through programs designed  to impact skills/knowledge to them in different areas of education and thus improve their standard of living financially and intellectually in their various communities and the country at large such that they will understand that a big success requires a big sacrifice in terms of intellectual, psychological and physical commitment so that the era of quick money ambition and rat race of running to the foreign country will be brought to an end

Our Objectives

Play a vital role in the reduction of unemployment rate among youths and amelioration of poverty through series of enlightenment and engagement programs

  •  Assist in the development of youths in the rural areas in Nigeria and help less privileged youths attain academic advancement.
  • Inculcate moral goals and uplifting values in youths via participatory platforms in global outreach activities, such as conferences, symposium, educational for and related events.
  • Provide enabling platforms for knowledge upgrade and increased competitiveness of our youths in the job markets and their positioning for future leadership positions.
  • Promote peaceful co-existence among youths, encourage respect for human rights conventions and promote advocacy for good environmental management
  • Provide assistance to youths to study in Europe upon qualifying and meeting YEESSI’s set out criteria
  • Inform the youths about foreign institution granting scholarships, study support grants and research grants
  • Provide assistance on work and vocational training in Germany and the rest of Europe 

Our Philosophy

The task of getting the youths is unarguably an arduous and demanding task, it is therefore important to have a definite structure that engages the youths in different enlightenment programs. However, ENLIGHTEMNT alone is not a sufficient parameter to accentuate the youths’ productivity; providing avenues, opportunities and enabling environment for them to utilize and materialize their intellectual skills and prowess ultimately completes the process.

What we do

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Years of
YEESSI boasts of over six years of existence.
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Youths Impacted
YEESSI has impacted the lives of more that forty two thousand Nigerian Youths (estimated).
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We have successfully organized more than thirty seven programs and/or projects.
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Enlightenment &
Empowerment Programs
We are responsible for more than 27 enlightenment and empowerment events in Nigeria.