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As a member inclusive Non Governmental Organization, YEESSI asks you to get involved in its programs and project in whatever capacity you could. You could also join the YEESSI General assembly on whatsapp CLICK HERE.

Our target population

In line with YEESSI’s philosophy of engagement and empowerment, we have designed a plan to engage one million youths in various skills and knowledge areas. The organization works to grow into a network that exerts enormous influence through capacity building on the youths.

Different programs are designed for different groups of youths; these programs will be made to conform to the current realities facing the youths in their different enclaves. Our targeted population is the youths, however, to cater for the different age groups that make up the youths’ population, we have created four categories. We have highlighted programs to cater for these categories. The reason for this division is that the suitable programs for each division is different.

  • Secondary School students (from Age 13 above)
  • Undergraduates
  • Corps Members
  • Out of School Children (Age 13 to 25)

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