Acknowledging Real Talents
(ART) 2.O
Terms and Conditions

Hello Dear Artist,

We welcome you to this exciting journey and opportunity to explore your talent with us. We bring you the second edition of the Acknowledging Real Talent to Showcase Talents amongst the Nigerian youth.
We’re looking for young artists that will be part of this contest and will be integrated into future creative projects which will earn them various benefits with the organization and outside the organization.

Part 1: Registration and warm up

Ensure you register for this project before the 26th of October. Please follow the proces below for a valid registration.

a. Sign up on www.yeessi.org and join this community of intellectual youths. 

b. Get your membership badge

c. Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn @yeesingo

d. Get 2 people at least to support you throughout the contest and such must abide by a-c

Part 2: Main Event

a. Successful applicants who make it through the registration shall attend the participants orientation before being assigned tasks. The details of the task shall be communicated to the successful entrants. This is to ensure that all participants have equal time for their task.

b. Artworks from the assigned tasks are to be submitted duly and to be included are the Artist’s name, the Art type, detailed description of the work and the medium used. 

c. The artist shall be responsible for all costs associated with creating the work.
d. Any artwork submitted may be used by YEESSI in the future.

Part 3: FINALE

 a. The winners shall be selected by experts in the creative fields. Please note that the judges decisions are final and cannot be altered.

b. There will be fans voting phase for people’s choice award category 

c. Finalists shall have a live contest in Lagos by November 

d. Winner shall be announced at the official launch of YEESSI after the contest.

Terms and Conditions

1. All participants must be willing to be a member of YEESSI during and after the contet

2. Artists must have 2 friends on our channels as supporters throughout the contest

3. Artist should submit a picture of their entry on Telegram and Instagram tagging @yeessingo. 

4. Submissions must not be offensive, discriminatory or show disregard for any race or gender nor contain nudity or sexual content. 

5. Submissions must not be enhanced by aid of technology or filters, must be presented in the best natural state.

By entering this contestant, an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions and use of their consent in the future.