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The contestants at the on-going Acknowledging Real Talents (ARTs) have been trained on Purpose Discovery and Story Telling. 

The training which was facilitated by Coach Ella Obans of the Vita-W Academy gave the contestants the opportunity to learn new things from the astute writer, veteran public speaker and passionate youth advocate.

She highlighted series of steps needed in discovering one’s purpose, she also used real life scenarios to teach them the practicability of those steps.

Also, she trained them on how to write stories, monetize their writing skills and how to be the best at what they do.  

The organization in her effort to identify and amplify youths with distinct talents across the country launched the first edition of the ARTs Contest in partnership with the Nigerian Diaspora Commission (NDM).

The four weeks long programme holding in a closed WhatsApp and Telegram groups sees that the contestants are engaged in different capacity building activities.  






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